Crawlspace Medic Care Plan

Prevention is always the best cure. Once your crawl space has a clean bill of health, we’ll help you keep it that way, so you don’t have to make the same repairs more than once.

Our Crawlspace Medic Care Plan provides twice-yearly comprehensive inspections to identify any elements that may compromise your crawl space and the foundation of your home. This maintenance plan adds value to your home and keeps your crawl space in optimum health for your peace of mind.

For a period of 12 months from the date you sign our Crawlspace Medic Care Plan agreement, Crawlspace Medic will provide two (2) comprehensive inspections of your home’s crawl space with graphs, notes, and pictures to include the following:

We’ll also provide maintenance on the following systems installed by Crawlspace Medic:

Lastly, we offer a few additional services:

Call a Crawlspace Medic office near you to discuss how you can sign up for a Care Plan!

Termite and Water Damage Repair

Wood damage in your crawl space is common and easily repairable. We assess and offer affordable solutions to repair joists, sills, girders and subfloors.

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Moisture Remediation and Drainage

High moisture and standing water can arise for many reasons. We pinpoint the cause and provide a long term solution to protect both the indoor air quality and structure of your home.

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