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Specialized Crawl Space Inspections

Real Estate Inspections

We are the trusted partner for real estate agents in the Midlands, Rock Hill, Fort Mill and the Charlotte Area, who rely on us to help them seal the deal. We’re budget-friendly, easy to work with and able to meet the tight deadlines needed for closings and move-in days.

Our professionalism, reliability and expertise help strengthen realtors’ relationships with their clients. Our evaluations and repair work improve the value and health of the home, while the one-year warranty transfers to the new owner at closing.

As licensed and insured workers, we make sure our work is correctly done and that our workers are safe while doing it. The result is a high quality repair job completed by competent, caring and professional workers with years of industry experience.

SC CL – 100 Termite Letters

We provide the South Carolina CL-100 (CL stands for “clear letter”) home evaluations, which includes indicators of the presence of termites and repairs that are needed due to termite and moisture damage. We’re able to provide the termite letter and offer an estimate on repairs needed to “clear” the letter. Additionally, we can perform the repairs generally before the home closes and work well with realtors to make sure our repair methods are acceptable and superior quality.

A CL-100 Evaluation is performed by one of our Certified Applicators, licensed in the state of South Carolina to perform these inspections. We are able to meet the demand for a quick turnaround time, from scheduling of the evaluation to providing a proper Termite Letter for your closing or selling purposes.

Call us to schedule a CL-100 Termite Letter evaluation before, during or after closing on a house. Prices for a CL-100 Termite Letter depend upon the market where they are being performed.

Pre Purchase Inspections and Second Opinions

Have you received a report from a home inspector full of dark photos in the crawl space? If so, we can help shed some light on repairs that may or may not be needed. Key words that you may need help getting a crawl space inspection would include: high moisture, wood damage, standing water, improper supports.

Of course a home inspector may suggest a certain type of person to help qualify the concern they found, which would easily fall into:

Our team of Inspectors can provide the necessary measures to help your home be purchased or sold. We work with all buyers, sellers and are willing to go the extra mile to seal the deal.

General Crawl Space Inspections

If you’re not in the market to purchase or sell a home, no problem. We offer the same quality service for residential customers for any of your concerns regarding your crawl space.

You may have recently been warned of something new occurring in your crawl space, whether another trade, friend told you or perhaps you may have discovered yourself. Either way, schedule an inspection with us to help put your mind at ease with any of the repairs we offer.