About Us

We never stop crawling

Eight years ago while working underneath historic homes in Columbia, South Carolina, our team had an epiphany. Since we were already using our expertise and knowledge to save the city’s oldest homes from ruin, why not use it to prevent damage in the first place?

That was the moment Crawlspace Medic was born, from our shared belief that the space under your home deserves more attention than an annual inspection for bugs. We set out to help homeowners prevent the loss of equity in their homes and improve the quality of their indoor air through our expert inspection and diagnosis.

Our company was built with the customer in mind. We focus on repairing your home without hurting your wallet, providing you the peace of mind necessary to live in your home. As licensed contractors, our expertise in structural repair and moisture remediation helps us identify what repairs are needed to get your problem resolved.

Our experience comes from previously working in the termite industry, building custom homes and hours upon hours renovating old and new homes. Our employees have crawled miles and miles for our customers providing custom, necessary repairs for living in your home, purchasing a home or selling a home.

Protect the equity in your home and the health of your family members. Call us today to schedule an inspection.